The staff at Coffee-Volcan believe strongly in Education and thus Proud to announce The Coffee Volcan Annual Scholarship  Program
This Annual Scholarship Award fixed amount (500$) to one student each year based on our Essay topic question.

2017 Scholarship Essay Topic

How do you think technology can enhance the coffee industry? Consider all aspects of the market, such as supply chains, roasting, farming and distribution, retail shops, coffee making equipment and accessories, and  more.

How Does it work!

The coffeevolcan is offering scholarship to students under age of 18 years whose submissions meet following criteria

  • Original Essay between 700-1000 words in length
  • Submission must be before Deadline

Scholarship Award

The reward amount of 500$ will be sent to college, university address via check for selected student at each year whose essay will pick by editorial  staff at coffeevolcan The Scholarship will be award in accordance with Dates and Deadlines Below

Dates And Deadlines

  • Essay Submission Deadline: 31st December 2017
  • Winner Selection date: 20th January 2018
  • Award Date: Mid Feb 2018

How to Apply

  • Write an essay 0f 700+ words on 2017 Scholarship Essay Question (Mention Above)
  • Post the Essay to Your Blog, this can be University Blog or Individual own website
  • Include 3 citing or references links to Authoritative sources in Coffee Industry, including 1 link to
  • Fill out form below to submit your application

Terms and condition

By participating, you are giving your consent for us to contact you via mail, email and/or telephone. In addition, if you are the winner, you are giving us your express consent to use your name, college or school identification and your essay on this site and for any promotional purposes, without further compensation or payment to you. The scholarship recipient is responsible for payment of any applicable State and/or Federal Income taxes due to the receipt of the scholarship.