Keurig K475 Review- Features and Guide


Do you go through a feeling of “procaffeination” every morning? Is it difficult for you start your day without having a strong cup of coffee? Well, it is a feeling of inability to do anything at all before taking a mugful of caffeine. This is what I experience every day as I am a caffeine-addicted person. However, nothing is more challenging for me than getting up in the earliest hour, dressing up properly for the office, and to make myself a cup of coffee. What I used to do is go to a nearby store and grab a cup of coffee, but it never satisfied my taste buds and addiction. Well, it’s soon going to be solved because I just went through Keurig K475 reviews and they are amazing!

The reason why I am in awe with this machine is its programmable feature. All you need to do is program it according to your timings and it will welcome you with a readily available cup when you enter into the kitchen. What more a coffee lover can wish for? I am excited to use its large touch screen that enables the user to make a perfect mug, cup, or carafe. Whatever I want it’s up to me! Another factor that allures me to buy it so much now is it will also make me other hot beverages like mochas, chai, or hot cocoa. Let me tell you some of the standout features I came to know through the review.

Features According to Keurig K475 Review

I will talk about each feature in detail so brace up to know how amazing this coffeemaker is. All the features I have jotted down below are according to the reviews.

Programmable Settings

Like I mentioned above, the programmable setting is the most striking and appealing feature of this coffeemaker. It eases life tenfold with its

Auto Off/On Feature

You program your brewer according to the time you want it to turn on and brew up coffee for you and when it should turn off. Program it once and your task is done!

Energy Saving Mode

If you enable this built-in mode, then it will be turn off automatically when not in use. As simple as that! Save electricity and be eco-friendly, and also protect yourself from electrical hazards.

Enable Your Favorite Settings

To save yourself from the tedious task of arranging settings again and again, set your favorite brew settings by default.


You can also set the settings to auto-brew that automatically prepares the k-carafe pod.

Brewer Maintenance Alert

The manufacturers of Keurig k475 know well you are busy enough to forget when it’s time to do maintenance of the machine and it might end up wearing and tearing apart. Therefore, you may enable the maintenance alert setting that will show signs that your machine needs attention now.

High Altitude Setting

If you are going on a trip, coffee is something you miss the most because sometimes, finding a coffee store in a place you know nothing about can be hard. If you are taking it to an elevated place, do not forget to enable the high altitude settings.

Did you see how much simplified your life can be with this coffeemaker? The above mentioned were the key programmable features of this machine. However, the Keurig k475 plus review also revealed a built-in digital clock is located inside and there is a choice of setting your preferred language from English, Spanish, or French.

Different Brew Sizes

This single cup coffee machine brews drinks of different brew sizes as per your programming.  For the K-cup pod, it brews 4, 6, 8, ten, and twelve ounces of coffee. However, it allows twelve, fourteen, and sixteen ounces of brew sizes for Vue pods and K-mug pods. The sizes for carafe are larger than others including twenty-two, twenty-six, and thirty ounces.

Large Water Reservoir

The overall capacity of the water reservoir is seventy ounce that is large enough to brew a big carafe. Furthermore, the reservoir is removable with a flip-flop top that makes it easy to handle, refill, and clean afterward. What is more, the drip tray beneath is also removable that ensures thorough cleaning.

Strength and Temperature Control

Different people have different tastes and sometimes even one person craves for a taste he usually doesn’t prefer, right? What to do when it happens? It’s simple! You just have to adjust the strength control as per the taste. Furthermore, the temperature control usually helps how fast you want the machine to brew. Arrange the settings according to your wish and enjoy a hot mugful for a drink!

Large Touch Screen with Digital Clock

The touchscreen is large with a digital clock that takes lesser time to operate and enables you to enjoy a cup of coffee in less than a minute.

  • The 70 ounces water reservoir is a great help for those who make more than one cup at a time.
  • The five adjustable temperature setting is a standout feature.
  • The different brew sizes enable a user to choose the one that suits his or her needs.
  • The fully programmable feature saves the user from a lot of troubles by saving his time and energy.
  • It’s pricier than other automatic coffeemakers.
  • After some uses, it gets slow and you have to wait a little longer for your cup of coffee.
  • Some users have also reported burning issues as their machines caught fire sometimes.


All in all, the Keurig K475 is a good choice for coffee lovers. Personally, I have decided to buy this coffeemaker after going through the reviews and knowing about the amazing features it has. The fully programmable function is something that appeals me the most and the ability to make different types of beverages is another key reason as I go through mood swings quite often. Despite some of the registered complaints from users, I think it’s worth a try. Would you like to make the same buying decision as me and make your life easier than before?


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