Nespresso Pixie Review



Just as the name ‘Pixie’, the Nespresso Pixie espresso maker is also pixie sized, offering all the qualities and features a reasonable coffee machine offers. The coffee machine is handy, light, quiet and fast. Also, the Pixie coffee maker is affordable and will go best at your office or your home.

As said, the  Nespresso Magimix Pixie is one of the best looking and compact coffee machines that you can buy. The Magimix Pixie espresso maker is available in two finishes- steel and electric. The steel finish is more of textures; you can get either a line or dot finish coffee maker. Also, in the electric finish side, you will have options in various color choices. The coffee machine Pixie designed ergonomically  that takes up less space and still look sleek and attractive. The compact size of espresso maker makes it easier for you to pose it either in your small kitchen counter or even at your office room. The Pixie coffee machine is available in brown, black, carmine, red and blue colors.

The Nespresso Magimix Pixie is a fully automated machine. For you daily dose of hot and strong coffee, you don’t have to do anything besides of inserting your favorite flavored coffee capsule into the coffee machine and select the size of your coffee cup. Press the start button and voila! You have yourself a freshly brewed hot and flavorsome cup of espresso.

The Pixie espresso machine is straightforward to use; it just has 2 programmable buttons at the top of the espresso machine. One for espresso and one for lungo, just press what you want and you are good to go. Also, you don’t have to wait for minutes to have your morning cup of coffee. In just 25 seconds, the Nespresso Pixie coffee maker will heat up and will start brewing your coffee so you can start your day.

The drip tray of the Pixie espresso machine is also adjustable and removable. If you have a large cup size, you can just remove the drip tray and brew your coffee. Or, if you have a small coffee cup, you can adjust the length of the drip tray so the coffee gets poured directly into the small cup and will not make a mess.

Magimix Pixie coffee brewer features 19 bar pressure pump, so you get the barista styled coffee every single time. The 19 bar pressure pump makes sure that you brew the perfect flavored cup of coffee every time, no matter whatever flavors you choose that day.

Another amazing feature of the Nespresso Pixie coffee maker is the thermablock technology. The thermablock technology helps in making sure that the coffee gets brewed at a specific warm temperature, so you don’t get cold coffee anytime.

There is a used capsule holder at the back of the coffee machine that will hold 9- 11 of the used capsules. After that, you can easily empty the pod holder and go on again.

Another plus point of the Nespresso coffee maker Pixie is that you can also save power with your espresso maker. The Pixie will shut itself down after 9 minutes brewing coffee.

  • It is compact, so you can adjust it in any corner of your kitchen.
  • The water tank features a LED light; that will indicate you when the water tank is getting empty.
  • Nespresso Pixie features a thermablock technology, which makes sure that you always get the right temperature of the hotness of the coffee every time you brew one.
  • The espresso machine will automatically shut down after 9 minutes; you can save a lot of power here!
  • In just 25 seconds, your coffee brewer will heat up and will be ready to serve you the best cup of espresso every morning.


  • There is no milk frother; you have to buy the Nespresso Aeroccino separately for your cappuccinos.
  • The Magimix Pixie espresso maker only accepts the Nespresso capsules.

For all the people who love a strong shot of espresso every morning, the Nespresso Pixie espresso machine is the best for you; as it serves the best tasting coffee of your choice from the Nespresso coffee capsules. Also, if you have a teeny kitchen, the Magimix Pixie will work the best for you. It will look amazing sitting in the corner of your small kitchen counter.

You can now have the best tasting coffee from one of the best espresso making machines by Nespresso.


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